Discover the Tranquil World of Farming Games with Humble Bundle

Discover the Tranquil World of Farming Games with Humble Bundle

Zamieszczamy zbiórkę Humble Bundle – Wiejskie życie

Embark on a virtual farming adventure with the latest Stardew Valley 1.6 update, where players are diving into a realm filled with agricultural bliss. The new Humble Bundle offer caters to farming enthusiasts and those seeking engaging social interactions in the gaming world. If you’ve ever dreamt of managing your own farm without the real-life challenges, then the “Country Life” collection from Humble Bundle is tailored just for you.

Within this incredibly serene compilation of farming games, you won’t find an exact replica of Stardew Valley, but titles like Cattails: Wildwood Story and other gems available in the bundle offer delightful alternatives. For just $20 or £15.94, you can acquire the “Country Life” collection, valued at $171 or £137.44 – a true gaming steal.

Would you like to tend to a farm and communicate with intelligent cats in Cattails: Wildwood Story, use spells for harvests in Immortal Life, or explore the game world of The Witch of Fern Island? Stay within your humble homestead, flourishing in agriculture and forming friendships. Engage in fishing, take care of animals, cultivate crops, and leverage all your achievements to expand your virtual realm.

The bundle also features other captivating games such as Everdream Valley, where you enhance your homestead during the day and discover the local wildlife in your dreams at night. And then there’s the charming pixel game Littlewood, where you reconstruct your town after saving the world, by chopping trees, collecting critters, mining, cooking, and constructing new structures for your community.

If not all the games in the bundle pique your interest, you have the option to pay a smaller amount, with a portion of the funds going towards charitable causes related to farming. All games in the collection are available on the Steam platform.

The Humble Bundle offer is valid until Friday, May 10th. In addition to farming-related games, we also recommend other engaging and relaxing PC games that are worth your attention. Follow us on Google News to stay updated on news, reviews, and guides related to PC gaming. Be sure to try out our PCGN Deals Finder tool to secure genuine discounts while making online purchases.

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