Exploring Innovation: Building a Mini Gaming PC that Surpasses a Home Console

Exploring Innovation: Building a Mini Gaming PC that Surpasses a Home Console

Małe, drewniane arcydzieło: jak zbudować PC do gier o pięknym designie, który przewyższa konsolę domową

Step into the world of innovation with a breathtaking new look at the creation of a compact gaming PC that outperforms your standard home console. Embracing the Lian Li A4-H20 case, smaller than a PlayStation 5, this PC houses an RTX 4090 graphics card, a large water cooling system, and a pump, all in its tiny frame.

Join our thriving Facebook community dedicated to PC building, where we have witnessed a plethora of unconventional gaming PC designs, ranging from modified existing cases to ground-up builds. You can even submit your own project for consideration. Here, we delve into a conversation with Etienne about his journey in assembling and designing this SFF PC model.

Etienne shares, “Having seen numerous SFF builds with custom cooling setups on YouTube, I decided to take on the challenge. While I’ve crafted custom cooling systems before, I had never done so in such a compact case.”

Using a Dremel, Etienne modified the bottom part of the case to fit the water block and created a handmade side panel with acrylic ventilation and a wooden front plate.

The entire process took around 30 hours over the span of a year, including time for recording a time-lapse during the build.

Encountered any challenges during the design and build process?

“Yes, initially, the water block didn’t fit, so I had to trim the case. Furthermore, the reservoir-pump-radiator combo was leaking, and it took me hours to troubleshoot to realize that the O-ring seal inside the pump had shifted.”

Are you completely satisfied with the final result or is there anything you’d like to refine further?

“Overall, I am content, but I was slightly disappointed with the GPU’s temperature. I’m used to aggressively overclocking GPUs, as it’s one of the aims of water cooling, but in this case, I can’t push it further because the small radiator is too limited to dissipate more heat. Even at stock settings, the temperature under stress reaches the upper 60s, not significantly different from a good air cooler. Nevertheless, I did manage to install an RTX 4090 in this case thanks to the water cooling setup.”

### Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#### What are SFF PCs?
SFF stands for Small Form Factor, referring to compact-sized computers designed to maintain high performance in a small footprint.

#### What is a water cooling system in a PC?
A water cooling system circulates liquid coolant through a series of components in a PC, transferring heat away from critical parts to keep temperatures low for optimal performance.

#### What is a time-lapse in PC building?
A time-lapse is a video recording technique where a series of images taken at set intervals are played back at a much faster rate, visually compressing time, ideal for showcasing lengthy processes such as PC building.

### Parts of Compact Size:
– Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7700X
– Motherboard: MSI MPG B650 Carbon
– Memory: 32GB G.Skill Flare 6000MHz
– GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 OC 24G
– Storage: WD Black SN850 1TB x2
– Power Supply: Silverstone Technology SX1000 80+ Platinum
– Case: Lian Li A4H2O
– Fans: Noctua NF-A12x25 x2

### Cooling Components:
– EK-Quantum Vector² Master RTX 4080 D-RGB – Nickel + Plexi
– HJ 240MM Pump Radiator Reservoir Combo Kit
– Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM chromax/black/swap 60.09 CFM 120 mm fans (x2) in a push configuration
– EK-HDC LigNum 12mm
– Walnut – EK-Quantum Torque Micro Rotary 90°
– Black – EK-Quantum Torque Rotary 45°
– Black – Hydro X Series XT Hardline 12mm Tubes – Satin Black
– EK-CryoFuel Acid Green

Would you proudly display this mini PC instead of a home console in your living room? We certainly would, especially considering how stunning the final design looks. It could have easily fit into a much larger case, but its small size is a remarkable feat in itself.

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Experience the marvel of a compact SFF gaming PC. With the use of the Lian Li A4-H20 case, the creator managed to house an RTX 4090 and robust cooling system. This innovative approach to PC building is gaining momentum among enthusiasts seeking high performance in a minimalistic setup.