Helldivers 2 Rumored to Expand to Xbox Series X|S Platform

Helldivers 2 Rumored to Expand to Xbox Series X|S Platform

Helldivers 2 może trafić na platformę Xbox Series X|S

A recent speculation has surfaced suggesting that Helldivers 2 might make its way to the Xbox console, potentially opening up new horizons for the game’s community. What better way to broaden the player base than introducing the game to an entirely new platform and enhancing crossplay capabilities? This notion was discussed in the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast by “Shpeshal Nick.”

During the podcast, Nick mentioned that there have been early talks about the possibility of bringing Helldivers 2 to Xbox. While this is just a rumor at this stage, the prospect holds significant promise for both the game and its players. Expanding to a new platform could greatly enrich the player community and introduce the game to a fresh market segment.

If these discussions lead to a positive outcome, players on the Xbox Series X|S could engage in cross-platform gameplay with PC and PlayStation 5 users. Undoubtedly, this move would attract new players and elevate the popularity of Helldivers 2 on this new platform.

The gaming community eagerly awaits official confirmation or denial of these rumors. Overcoming platform restrictions in the long term is crucial, especially for an innovative and captivating game like Helldivers 2.

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