How to Overcome Banette in Pokemon GO Raids

How to Overcome Banette in Pokemon GO Raids

How to Overcome Banette in Pokemon GO Raids

By utilizing the right combination of Dark- and Ghost-type attackers, trainers can easily conquer Banette in Pokemon GO 3-star raids. These attackers can take advantage of the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) effect to boost their damage output. It’s crucial to have similar types of Pokemon and moves to activate this effect.

Banette, as a 3-star raid boss, has a Combat Power (CP) of 16,660. With an Attack stat of 218 and a Defense stat of 126, it is a beatable opponent. Trainers must pay attention to Banette’s Fast and Charged Moves, including Shadow Claw, Hex, Shadow Ball, Thunder, and Dazzling Gleam. It’s important to avoid using Pokemon that are weak to Ghost, Electric, and Fairy-type moves.

Survivability in the raid battle is key, and trainers should focus on dodging Banette’s Charged Moves to minimize damage to their counters. They should also stock up on healing items to ensure their team remains healthy throughout the battle. The time limit for defeating Banette in raids is 180 seconds.

To maximize their chances of success, trainers can employ powerful counters such as Mega Tyranitar, Mega Gengar, Mega Rayquaza, Shadow Chandelure, Shadow Cursola, Hydreigon, Blacephalon, and Darkrai. These Pokemon have the right movesets, like Bite, Brutal Swing, Lick, Shadow Ball, Dragon Tail, Dragon Ascent, Hex, Astonish, and Snarl.

By utilizing these strategies and counters, solo trainers can emerge victorious against Banette in Pokemon GO raids. These tips can also be applied in PvE Gym defense gameplay. Mastering these techniques will help trainers prevail in their battles against this formidable Ghost-type Pokemon.

Additional Facts:
– Banette is a Ghost-type Pokemon introduced in Generation III.
– It evolves from Shuppet when exposed to a Dusk Stone.
– Banette has a Mega Evolution, known as Mega Banette, which was introduced in Generation VI.
– In Pokemon GO, Banette can be encountered as a Raid Boss in Level 3 Raids.
– Banette has a shiny form, which has a different coloration from its regular form.

Key Challenges or Controversies:
– One of the challenges in defeating Banette in raids is managing the limited time frame of 180 seconds.
– Trainers may face difficulty if they do not have access to the recommended counters or optimal movesets for their Pokemon.
– The RNG (Random Number Generator) aspect of raid battles can sometimes result in Banette having movesets that are more challenging to counter.

– Dark- and Ghost-type attackers have a type advantage against Banette, making it easier to deal more damage.
– Utilizing trainers’ own Mega Evolved Pokemon, such as Mega Tyranitar or Mega Gengar, can provide additional boosts in battle.
– Trainers can take advantage of the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) effect when using Pokemon and moves of the same type.

– Banette’s moveset includes a variety of types, including Ghost, Electric, and Fairy, which can be challenging to counter effectively.
– Trainers who do not have access to high-level counters or specific Pokemon may struggle against Banette.
– The need to dodge Banette’s Charged Moves can be difficult to execute perfectly, especially with the time pressure of the raid battle.

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