Once Human: A Promising Start with Room for Improvement

Once Human: A Promising Start with Room for Improvement

Once Human: A Promising Start with Room for Improvement

Once Human, a highly anticipated survival game, has had a mixed launch. On one hand, the player count is steadily increasing, reaching a new high with each refresh. On the other hand, its Steam reviews are dropping, painting a negative picture for the game.

Despite the negative reviews, the player numbers for Once Human are impressive. Currently, it has 59,920 players in-game at the same time, surpassing other survival games like Soulmask with its peak of 46,833 players. While Once Human still has a long way to go compared to popular titles like Sons of the Forest or V Rising, which have reached concurrency peaks in the hundreds of thousands, its initial success is noteworthy.

However, players have raised some valid complaints that have impacted the game’s Steam review score. One major issue is the lack of controller support at launch, despite it being promised by the development team. This means players are limited to using a mouse and keyboard, which may not be preferable for some.

Another significant concern revolves around the inability to rebind all keys. Players have highlighted the frustration of not being able to have all “linked” tasks assigned to the same key if they rebind the default jump key. This problem is further exacerbated for non-QWERTY keyboard users.

The most significant issue affecting players is the restriction of creating only one character per account, with no option to delete or switch characters. This limitation prevents players from starting over or changing servers, leading to frustration among the community.

Despite these issues, the player count for Once Human continues to rise. Since the start of this article, the game has attracted even more players, with an impressive count of 77,586 concurrently in-game.

Once Human is available for free on Steam. If you’re new to the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to Once Human deviants and our detailed Once Human bosses guide for a smoother playthrough.

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Additional Relevant Facts:
1. Once Human is developed by an indie game studio called Redwood Games.
2. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive against formidable enemies and challenging environments.
3. Once Human incorporates elements of survival, exploration, and multiplayer gameplay.
4. The game features a variety of weapons, crafting systems, and character customization options.
5. Once Human has been praised for its immersive atmosphere and intense gameplay mechanics.

Important Questions and Key Challenges:
1. How does Once Human differentiate itself from other survival games on the market?
– Once Human stands out with its unique post-apocalyptic setting and emphasis on multiplayer gameplay.
2. What are the plans for addressing the concerns raised by players regarding controller support and key rebinding?
– The development team has been actively listening to player feedback and is working on implementing controller support and improved key rebinding options in future updates.

1. Growing player base and high concurrent player count showcase the game’s appeal.
2. The game’s immersive atmosphere and intense gameplay provide an engaging experience for players.

1. Negative Steam reviews may deter potential players from trying the game.
2. Key issues such as lack of controller support and limited character creation options may frustrate players.

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