Undisputed Set to Release on Multiple Platforms with Exciting Features

Undisputed Set to Release on Multiple Platforms with Exciting Features

Undisputed Set to Release on Multiple Platforms with Exciting Features

Steel City Interactive has announced that their highly anticipated game, Undisputed, will finally be released on October 11 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and on Steam. The developers have been hard at work, actively listening to community feedback and making improvements to ensure that the game meets player expectations.

Players who pre-order the digital Deluxe WBC Edition will have the added advantage of getting 3 days of early access, starting from October 8. This edition includes additional content such as the Fighters Pack, the Apparel Pack, and the Eras Pack, which offer a variety of fighters, alternative ring attire, and young versions of famous fighters.

Furthermore, players who pre-order Undisputed will also receive a bonus fighter, Roy Jones Jr. ’93, in honor of the year he won the IBF middleweight championship. The game will also continue to offer both free and paid DLC after its release, ensuring that players have access to new fighters, apparel, venues, and more.

Undisputed boasts an extensive list of features, including over 70 licensed boxers, a comprehensive character creator that allows players to customize their fighters, and an in-depth Career Mode where players can build their team, negotiate contracts, and carve their own path to becoming Undisputed. The game also offers a wide range of punches, defensive tools, and footwork mechanics, as well as 14 atmospheric fight venues.

The developers have recently discussed the upcoming improvements that will be available at launch, including new in-game belt celebrations, punch animations, and expanded customization options in the character creator. They have also made significant enhancements to head movement, punch impact, combo flow, stamina, and more.

Undisputed is set to bring an immersive and exciting boxing experience to players across multiple platforms. With its impressive range of features and continuous updates, this game is sure to captivate boxing and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Additional facts:
– Undisputed is a simulation-style boxing game that aims to offer a realistic and immersive experience for players.
– The game will feature a variety of gameplay modes, including exhibition matches, online multiplayer, and a robust career mode.
– Steel City Interactive has collaborated with boxing organizations such as the WBC (World Boxing Council) to ensure accuracy and authenticity in the game.
– The career mode will allow players to train their fighters, schedule fights, and progress through the ranks to become a champion.
– Undisputed will also include a licensed soundtrack featuring popular music tracks to enhance the gaming experience.

Important questions and answers:
1. Can players compete against each other online in Undisputed?
– Yes, Undisputed will have online multiplayer functionality, allowing players to face off against each other in exciting boxing matches.

2. Will there be microtransactions in the game?
– While Undisputed will offer both free and paid DLC, including new fighters and apparel, the developers have not mentioned the inclusion of microtransactions specifically.

Key challenges or controversies:
– One potential challenge for Steel City Interactive is meeting player expectations and delivering a game that lives up to the hype. As the game has been highly anticipated, there may be added pressure to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the promised features and gameplay.

– Undisputed offers a wide range of exciting features, such as a comprehensive character creator, an immersive career mode, and licensed boxers.
– The continuous updates and DLC releases for the game will provide players with ongoing content and a fresh experience.

– Some players may find the inclusion of paid DLC controversial, as it may require additional spending to access certain content.
– The success of the game will depend on its execution, and there is always a risk that it may not live up to player expectations or face technical issues upon release.

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