Exciting Developments in the World of Roblox Creators

Exciting Developments in the World of Roblox Creators

Kodansha wspiera twórców gier w Robloxie inspirowanych Atakiem Tytanów

The vibrant world of Roblox game creation is buzzing with excitement as new opportunities unfold for creators inspired by the popular series Attack on Titans. The renowned publisher of Attack on Titans, Kodansha, has teamed up with GeekOut Inc to establish a groundbreaking initiative to empower Roblox creators to unleash their creativity.

In a significant move, a generous fund of $1.5 million has been set up to support Roblox creators in developing games with a thrilling Attack on Titans theme. The Kodansha Game Creators Lab will not only provide financial assistance but also offer production guidance to independent game creators passionate about bringing the world of Eren Jaeger to life in the Roblox universe.

The registration for this exciting opportunity will be open from April 5th to May 10th, 2024, paving the way for the potential release of new Attack on Titans-themed games on Roblox later this year. Imagine immersing yourself in the vast world of Trost District through gripping tower defense gameplay!

Beyond the realm of anime and gaming, this initiative marks a significant milestone for both communities. In addition to licensing the Attack on Titans IP, Kodansha and GeekOut Inc. are expanding their creator incubation program with a remarkable $20 million investment dedicated to supporting the broader Roblox developer community. This investment aims to nurture developers seeking to collaborate with IP owners, fostering a landscape of innovative partnerships in the future.

For those eagerly anticipating the arrival of new games, Roblox offers a plethora of anime-inspired titles to explore. Whether delving into the Haze Piece tier list or consulting reroll guides to optimize gameplay decisions, there is no shortage of adventures awaiting players.

If you harbor a deep desire to experience an Attack on Titans-themed game on Roblox, fret not. We have curated numerous codes for “Untitled Attack on Titan” that can elevate your gaming experience and unlock exciting advantages within the virtual world.

These progressive endeavors are set to enrich the diversity and engagement levels on the Roblox platform, promising a future brimming with captivating experiences for fans of Attack on Titans and Roblox alike.


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