A New Dawn for Board Game Enthusiasts

A New Dawn for Board Game Enthusiasts

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Venture into the realm of tabletop adventures with the latest creation from Glass Cannon Unplugged, as they unveil a fresh adaptation of a beloved video game into a board game. Drawing from their expertise in reimagining popular titles like Frostpunk and the upcoming Dying Light and Apex Legends, the studio introduces “Survive and Thrive: The Board Game” on Kickstarter.

Embracing the essence of survival gaming, “Survive and Thrive: The Board Game” aims to encapsulate the pivotal aspects that set the original material apart. Players can expect engaging mechanics centered around decision-making, dynamic combat, and exploration of an open-world setting spanning both day and night cycles.

Originally debuting in 2013, “Survive and Thrive” video game, crafted by Bitworks and published by Klei Entertainment, captivated players with its expressive yet eerie visual style. Over the years, the game has seen successful releases across various platforms such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices, receiving numerous substantial updates throughout its lifespan.

Immerse yourself alongside 1-4 fellow players in the unforgiving, randomly generated nightmare landscape known as “The Abyss.” Within this distant and malevolent dimension, where magic intertwines with science in ways better left unsaid, individuals must collaborate to outsmart foes and endure the challenges presented.

Behind the design of “Survive and Thrive: The Board Game” stand a team of seasoned creators, including Rafał Pieczyński, the lead designer of Frostpunk: The Board Game, along with Jakub Wiśniewski and Natanel Vo-Apfel, entrusted with crafting the narrative experience.

Scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2024, the Kickstarter campaign promises to channel the creative essence of the source material fully. Furthermore, backers can anticipate additional content through expansions, add-ons, and future retail releases. The Kickstarter page will open to the public on March 27th.

### FAQ

#### What sets “Survive and Thrive: The Board Game” apart from other tabletop games?
“Survive and Thrive” offers a unique blend of survival elements, strategic decision-making, and cooperative gameplay, all within a captivating and visually striking world.

#### How many players can participate in the game?
The game accommodates a group of 1-4 players, encouraging teamwork and tactical thinking to overcome the challenges presented.

#### When can eager players pledge support for the project?
The Kickstarter campaign for “Survive and Thrive: The Board Game” is slated to begin in the third quarter of 2024, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to back the project and secure exclusive rewards.

### Industry Insights and Challenges Facing the Board Game Sector

As per a report by Market Research Future, the global board game market is poised for substantial growth in the coming years. The rising interest in board games among both younger and older players is expected to fuel this market expansion. The trend towards seeking traditional forms of entertainment and spending quality time with family and friends also contributes to the surging popularity of board games.

Nevertheless, like any industry, the board game sector faces its own set of challenges. Competition from alternative forms of entertainment such as video games and mobile applications presents a significant hurdle. Computer games offer interactivity, high-quality graphics, and the convenience of on-demand play, attracting a wide array of players.

Moreover, the production costs associated with board games can be substantial, especially concerning design, material printing, figurines, board creation, packaging, and distribution. This can pose significant challenges for smaller publishers operating within constrained budgets.

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