The Impact of Healing Shadow Groudon in Pokemon GO: Insights and Tips

The Impact of Healing Shadow Groudon in Pokemon GO: Insights and Tips

Co się dzieje, kiedy uzdrowisz cień Groudon w Pokemon GO?

The realm of Pokemon GO is ever-evolving, with different Pokemon stats playing a significant role in PvP battles. Defense statistics are often favored for increased resilience in the GO Battle League. The attack power of Shadow Groudon increases by 20%, while its defense stat decreases by 20%. Shadow Groudon boasts an attack stat of 287.3 and a defense stat of 163.3, whereas the regular Groudon has an attack stat of 239.4 and a defense stat of 204.1.

Frequently joining PvP battles in Pokemon GO calls for prioritizing higher bulk stats. This explains why the regular Groudon ranks 7th, while Shadow Groudon holds the 21st position in the GO Battle League Master League. If you intend to use Shadow Groudon in PvP fights, it’s advisable to heal it in Pokemon GO.

**Charged Moves**

Shadow Groudon comes equipped with a special move called Frustration. This move can only be removed during a takeover by Team GO Rocket. Since these takeover events are not too frequent, missing one may result in a longer wait for the next cycle. Upon healing Shadow Groudon in Pokemon GO, Frustration will be replaced by another unique move called Return. You can swap this move at any time using Charged TMs. Should you have an urgent need to teach a new move to your Pokemon, it’s worth healing Shadow Groudon.

**IV Distribution**

After healing Shadow Groudon, all stats receive a one-point boost. Therefore, if you’ve captured a creature with near-perfect stats, healing this legendary shadow Pokemon makes sense. Maximum IVs are crucial for PvP battles in the Master League, where battles are intense.

**Enhancement Cost**

If you lack resources like Stardust and Candies to power up your Shadow Groudon, consider healing it in Pokemon GO. This stems from the fact that healed Pokemon require fewer resources for enhancement, which can be beneficial for your trainer budget.


– *What does IV stand for in Pokemon GO?*
IV stands for Individual Values, which are hidden stats that determine a Pokemon’s strength in various aspects.

– *How does healing a Shadow Pokemon affect its performance?*
Healing a Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO can optimize its stats and move set, enhancing its effectiveness in battles.

– *Can Shadow Groudon be used effectively in PvP battles without healing it?*
While Shadow Groudon can still be used in battles without healing, optimizing its stats through healing can significantly improve its performance.

Experience the strategic depth of Pokemon battles by making informed decisions about healing and optimizing your Shadow Groudon in Pokemon GO.